Preserving the quality of tea
Tea   Industry

SC Printing caters to the extensive demands of Sri Lanka’s largest export sector, tea, by providing a range of high-quality packaging solutions that’s on par with local and international standards. Uniquely designed tea packaging options that ensure your product stands out from the competition, while protecting its contents from sunlight, heat, humidity or damages that could occur during transport or storage is crucial, as a product as delicate as tea can easily get affected by various external factors.

Our Tea Packaging Solutions
  • Boxes
  • Value added packaging
  • Luxury packages
  • Package designing and layouts
  • Inner cartons
  • Outer cartons
A Company You Can Trust

SC Printing is the trusted packaging partner for Sri Lanka’s largest tea exporters and the world’s top tea brands such as Dilmah Tea and Akbar Tea. We follow stringent processes from the design and printing process up until delivery and storage to ensure the quality of your packages are of the highest quality. In addition, our value-added services are ideal to make your product unique and attractive.

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