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Value Additions  

SC Printing offers a diverse range of value-added service that are designed to make your product stand out from the competition. From hot foil stamping to embossing, our team works with you to pick the right one that suits your brand, the product and the packaging. We’ll provide you with a sample of the final product to ensure it meets your expectations.

Value Added Services

From glitter varnishing, pearlescent finishing, raised UV and embossing to elegant reticulation effect, sandpaper finishing, soft touch coating, textured foiling and fluted foiling, the value addition printing options we offer are limitless.

What We Offer
Window patching

A thin plastic film is applied to a die-cut window on a box, so the end-user gets a glimpse of your product without unpacking. Ideal for food and confectionary and gift packaging.


In the laminating process, two or more packaging webs are applied on printed boards or papers using a bonding agent. These additional layers strengthen and protect the packaging materials while giving it a glassy finish.

Hot foil stamping

Metallic or holographic foil can be stamped on boards or papers using heat and pressure. This adds depth and fine glimmer to the packaging.

Embossing and debossing

You can give your print piece a contemporary look by impressing or depressing an image or text onto the board.

UV screen printing

There are rich varieties of UV inks which are used frequently in contemporary marketing materials. UV radiation is used for curing the inks and the finishing is impeccable and classy.

Gloss/matte water-based varnish

Fast drying water-based varnish gives high-quality gloss or matte finishing to the print.

Special inks and metallic inks

To get a unique and delicate texture from the print you can use special inks. For example, metallic inks contain small metal flakes and that gives the design a metallic texture and a lustre of colours.

Glitter varnish

A high-quality screen-print using glitter varnishes can add elements to your designs that sparkle in the light.

Pearlescent finish

With a pearlescent finish you can get a pearl-like shimmer effect on the print. This effect is vibrant and colourful.

Reticulation effect

Visual presentation dominates the art of packaging. With the reticulation effect, you can incorporate a tactile sensation into the packaging and let the design be felt.

Sandpaper finish

A sandpaper-like rough texture can be given to the selected parts of the design by using a special varnish.

Soft touch coating

Soft touch coating is achieved by applying a special ink and curing it with UV radiation. The coated area becomes ‘softer’ to touch compared to the uncoated surface.

Raised UV and embossing

By UV curing a thick layer of ink on a graphic element of the design can make the embossed parts stand out.

Textured foiling

There are a variety of textured metal foils that can be stamped on the print for a vibrant and luxurious look.

Fluted foiling

This elegant finishing is achieved by applying foils on graphic elements in one pass. It adds colours, raised dimensions and unique texture to the print.

Invoking the magic
Value Addition Process

There’s a complex relationship between value additions, the design and the materials used for printing. You’ll be given pre-made samples to see what each value addition will look and feel like. Our team will help you decide the best service for you based on your requirement. Samples of your product will be sent to you for approval before we proceed with production.

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Our in-house packaging designers with years of experience will provide the most effective design to make your product and the brand stand out.


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